London to Birmingham in a nano second

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  1. Well Bojo said he’s given the green light nipper,
    There goes the 350 million nhs money Clever so and so ain’t he:)
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  2. Well say something then ?
    You miserable so and so’s
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  3. Maybe It’ll take awhile :thinking::thinking:
  4. Its not reached us yet :eek:
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  5. We’re in the money :D
  6. Hey no more north south divide
  7. Well You don’t sound that enthusiastic
    Don’t worry It’ll go way over budget
    And then the other party will stop it about three quarters the way through :D
  8. It'll not get past Birmingham, they've spent £8 billion thus far and have yet to get going!
  9. Just the same as restoring an old bay!!!!
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  10. All that money blimey is it worth it
    Nobody goes up there anyway an folks up north
    They all go on jet 2 to spain they ain’t stupid
    Any they don’t want to London anyway
    Why would anyone :D
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  11. I hope they know what oil to use :D
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  12. OMG. You've done it now. You asked the question that should never be asked!!!!!!:eek:
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  13. PIE


    Dont blame Boris, this was a Labour project, they started it and did the budget awhen they were in power nd its gone too far to stop.
  14. Ohooooo :eek:
  15. I don’t understand why anyone would want to build a railway line half way up a country
    So people can go to a place that might have a very nice cathedral or some very interesting traffic lights
    Surely you understand politics.. and us minions will go along with any grand master plan
    That makes them favorable
    And to be honest
    I would not know what party said that they were in favour of the stupid railway line anyway :)
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  16. PIE


    My tax money is being spent on it and I will never use it, thanks very much Gordon Brown and Lord Adonis.
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  17. We gotta bail out Flybe yet .. :)
  18. By the time they finish phase 1, there'll be lots of new towns built along the route. By then the corporate types that it's being built for won't need to travel for business meetings anymore, so the 250mph HS2 non-stop corporate types express will become a 125mph service stopping at the new towns for peasants to use.
  19. And it's all irrelevant to the wealthy, connected types who live in the Chilterns, because they have the clout and the connections to have got a lot of the line hidden in deep embankments and tunnels, so they won't see or hear anything anyway.
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  20. I'm finding it hard to support not that my opinion matters.

    By the time it's Finnised it will be out of date.
    It will never get past stoke.
    Jobs for the boys ect.
    It's going to cost way more than the quote.
    That bloke from corillon is heading it.
    It's going to make areas where I live a mini London dump like MK. (,Ok some of mk is nice)

    Spend the cash in the vallys of Wales and the north east it's needed don't give money to leeds or Manchester.

    Pros it will wind up the people who live in some parts of Warwickshire that hate everything unless good for them
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