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  1. Had a few days off and the van is at the sprayers so refurb has ground to a halt ..
    Decided to have a week in Norfolk, did the boat thing and having a splendid time - very relaxing and 4mph is fast enough for any man ..
    Bit like in the van but with a bog , shower and nothing to stop you having a bottle or three as you bimble along - what's not to like ??

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  2. Poptop2

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    I so want a boat.
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  3. Very nice.

    Chosen a lovely day for it as well!
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  4. Here all week - dunno if mi liver can take the punishment...

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  5. bernjb56

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    I would turn it around but you don't get given skills with a mod badge :hattip:
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  6. Poptop2

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  7. Hope you've not been smuggling again :rolleyes:
  8. Damn ...
    Does it show ??

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  9. After owning a few ,,,I like other people's boats ..
  10. capsules down the side gave it away :)
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  11. Ya silly sod - I nearly crashed when I read that..

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  12. Sounds idyllic! Always fancied seeing Norfolk for some reason, and the whole boat thing sounds rather nice! Have a lovely time Chris
    Looking forward to seeing the van when it’s all done too.... must be close now if it’s at the sprayers......
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  13. We did that a couple of times a few years ago, when the Sun newspaper were doing the £9 boating holidays. Really enjoyed it, especially when the sun was shining. :)
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  14. Not true - BUI - boating under the influence is illegal :thumbsup:
  15. It's surprising how many crates of Rothmans you can fit intoi that thing ;)...
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  16. Poptop2

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    Is that a Dawncraft cruiser?

    Snotty Crossy and Haynes do NOT reply. I do not want to hear about ' gentleman's cruisers! ;)
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  17. Don't get too excited - I'm not , it'll be done when it's done , I've given up having a "schedule"
    The boat was just a spur of the moment relaxing week - it ticks all the boxes and then some ...

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  18. So not "cruising for gentlemen"?
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  19. I'll let you have a borrow of mine sometime Chris...

    a sunseeker boat 6s.jpg
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  20. @snotty 's is the one in the foreground.
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