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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Dashdub, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Those adverts give me hope, if they are worth £15k or whatever mine must be worth more :D:D
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  2. Don't be scared to wait - the right bus will be found if you wait long enough.

    And as Bazza says it's always sunny in Barnsley :thumbsup:
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  3. Should I be wary of a Q plate?

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  4. Depends why it got one, if it was a bad write off and someone repaired it to ‘roadworthy’ condition then I think it sometimes got a q plate. Or I could be that it was nicked or something. I’d go for left hand drive if I was you, they’re easy enough to drive. Plus unless you like welding scars or keeping professional restorers in pocket, right hand drive could be a bad idea...
  5. Q plates, will always have an interesting back story, the plate is given where the original ID of the van can not be determined!

    Price should reflect this, as people generally steer clear thinking they’re dodgy!
  6. Official spiel from the powers that be... “DVLA issues ‘Q’ registration numbers to vehicles whose age or identity is in doubt.”
  7. Best advice I can give is buy a T5
  8. I was surprised at the price but im not up on proces to be honest. Mine is far from perfect indeed i would need to spend quite a bit on it for it to be so. Its insured for 14 k! This one looks to have had some money chucked at it given the spec but not necessarily on the right things. It may not be that bad but not enough info to comment on it really!

  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Pretty crap advice on a bay forum to be fair.
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  10. Leisure battery and mains hookup can be added for very little money so don't worry to much about them.

    Good engine and good bodywork.

    Also is LHD a definite no? A USA import will be virtually rust free from a western dry state
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  11. This is true. More bus for your money with a yank.. or should that be less rust for your money. Ristfree, unrestored british rhds command a price. As do aussie and sa buses!
  12. Forget the interior. Most of it will be junk chipboard once you scratch the surface. The exception to this is if you really want a period resto van, obviously not a lot of point in paying a premium for a westie interior if you intend on junking it and sticking in something else.

    As mentioned electrical stuff really doesn’t cost that much. I’ve got led lighting, USB ports etc etc chucked into the back of my work van for a few quid. A leisure battery and split charger won’t cost you much over a hundred quid. This sort of stuff should not be a deal breaker on buying a van.

    It’s been mentioned on here before but zebedees westie is probably the cheapest for sale in the country at the min. They are out there. Congis Devon that’s for sale is a hell of a lot of van for the money. Don’t give some clown a ton of cash for a rot box. There’s genuinely no need to.

    LHD isn’t a problem. Most bays chug along at 60mph. You ain’t gonna be doing much overtaking.

    Have you been to any shows? Brighton breeze is coming up soon. Perhaps pop along a have a good nose at all the different layouts. Would a tin top do? If it’s got to be a pop top is that for head height or do you intend on sleeping up there? Are you intending using an awning a lot? Do you want a full size bed or would a 3/4 do? If space isn’t a massive issue then do you need a walk through model.. you could make your search a lot easier if you can get a clear idea of exactly what you want.
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  13. RHD, Poptop & some sort of kitchen with fridge. Mains hook up & leisure battery, little or no rust & a decent engine.

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  14. We like T2s - don’t want a T5

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  15. And when do you want it by?

    Will you be using it over this coming winter?

    Hold on to your money and spend the autumn/ winter researching and learning about busses and ask questions on here
    Go look at a few but take loads of pics then post them up on here after walking away

    All off this will help you go camping instead of spending the next 6-10 years trying to fix it up on the drive
  16. RHD - most likely but not always a Uk bus. Expect to find years and years worth of repairs. Rust rust rust. I would take a guess and say a totally solid Uk bus for 10k is stretching it a bit.

    Poptop - do you want a bed up there? Does it need to be a double or would two singles be ok? Or do you just not want to be hunched over in a tin top?

    & some sort of kitchen with fridge. - almost all will have these.

    Mains hook up & leisure battery - as previously mentioned, that’s a days work with some basic tools.

    little or no rust & a decent engine - in my best han solo voice “well that’s the real trick isn’t it” you will at some point have to deal with rust, either yourself or pay someone to do it.
  17. dear jesus they want 15k there s plenty on here with proper work done

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