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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Sir Bryan Ferrys new album, I was there box 13 seat 8 cost of ticket £3, bazzas customers are in for a musical treat today:thumbsup:
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    I doubt ‘ treat’ will be their first thought of choice. :rolleyes:
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    ‘ Jesus, this bloke has a good memory’ might be though?
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  4. When he toured in 2007 my girlfriend at the time managed to buy tickets same box and same seat as I had in 74:thumbsup:
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  5. You might not I know, but do you recall if Chris Spedding was in his band at the AH? Might say so on the sleeve....just asking, Chris Spedding is one of those unsung heroes of guitar :thumbsup:
  6. Only if Baz attempts to play along to Virginia Plain on the trouser trumpet
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    Oh no I’m reaching for the mind bleach again :eek:
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  8. "Motorbikin'" is the only one of Chris Spedding that I remember
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  9. Dementia has a similar effect.....but until he starts mentioning the war, but forgetting to pick up fares, think we're ok.
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  10. Well checking out his other stuff :thumbsup:
  11. Hes played with Roxy music and sir Bryan since 2001
  12. Since before then Baz. He played on This Is Tomorrow and The Price Of Love among others in the mid 70s....or are we at cross porpoises :confused:
  13. Sorry I meant he toured from 2001 with Roxy ,he played on studio work from the 70s
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  14. Once had that Ferry bloke in the back of my cab, kept going on about being a slave to love. Never gave me a tip, tight get.
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  15. Didn't he die in a tragic gardening accident?
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  16. Choked on someone else's vomit if I recall correctly.
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