Is this on the fast idle cam?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by andyv, Mar 10, 2019.

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    This is a view of my left hand 32-34 PDSIT 2/3 with the choke heater unit off. I'm setting the fast idle and have wired the choke flap closed. Is this the correct location for adjustment or should it be on the next notch?
  2. If you need to adjust the fast idle there is a brass colour linkage arm next to the choke with 2 small 6 or 7mm nuts I think. You will see the throttle stop move as you adjust it. It is fairly easy. a tiny adjustment makes quite a difference.

    On a cold engine the choke flaps should be pretty much completely closed. You don’t normally have to remove the choke heater cover.
  3. Thanks Patrick. I have the carb on the bench at the moment. I'm adjusting various settings, in particular warm idle and fast idle. I know that when I fiddled with it a good long time ago I inadvertantly undid the little nuts when I was supposed to be synching the carbs - that's a different adjustment rod.

    Following your logic I do seem to have got it in the correct position for adjustment.

    Top tip (from Sarran1955's You Tube video). At fast idle the opening needs to be 0.6 mm. You can use a feeler gauge but I'm using a length of 0.6 mm MIG welding wire.

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