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  1. I need a job!
    I am a time served electrical & electronic engineer with a background in rotating machines! ( Motors). I have city & guilds parts 1&2 & a tech diploma in electrical & electronic engineering with an add on in pcb (which I've not used since my apprenticeship at GEC Alsthom) where I spent some of my time in maintenance, some of my time on the test bed dealing with 20kv until failure & most of my time on the 003 shop which concerned the wiring of most of the bedford to St pancreas emu's!
    Since then I have sold German white wine! Been a pressure cleaner engineer, been a debt collector for Littlewoods, a Meile white goods engineer, a builder/handyman & worked at a specialist VW garage! If anyone needs someone maybe I'm your man?!? (I have other strings to my bow)
    Call me! :thumbsup:
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  2. Barnsley Civic hall are looking for a bingo caller, you get £3.50 per hour and any unclaimed meat raffle prizes, any good?:thumbsup:
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  3. Any modelling experience?
  4. I think he won the Airfix model spitfire making competition when he was 10, any good?
  5. I know he was a scout master but had to give up after the misunderstanding when he was caught kneeling down with the vicar
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  6. I am now retired from my trade for over 45 years (pre press in newspapers and mags) was made redundant 3 times over the years so at the age of 60 and at the last redundancy I used my hobby to find a job. Went into retail in a large pet chain as a marine fish salesperson and after 3 months was offered a managers position!. Did open my eyes to Joe public and their antics but my point is don't give up something will turn up, just need to open a different door and not ignore a door you thought would not ever open. I did find I had more replies from my CV when I left the DOB off! This is only a legal requirement on a company job application form from a employer and not when it is just a enquire CV. I also spent a few years voluntary work in a hospital which was very rewarding, have you thought of health work as they are always looking for staff. Good luck.
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  7. Oi! Stop trying to give my job away o_O
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    Bloody cheek and offering a pound more than he pays you.
    Nothing but a rip off merchant that "Bazza's Brilliant Bingo Callers Ltd. (Registered Channel Islands)".
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  9. Cockney wide boy, steer well clear Mr T.
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    Ms.T will sort him out.

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  11. Is that @CollyP she's got there?
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  13. It’s sleep lifting. :)
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  14. Don't forget half Yorkshire on my mum's side funny lot:thumbsup:
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  15. Your asking Bazza I presume?

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