Huawei E585 Wireless Modem

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  1. Huawei E585 wireless modem.
    It allows you to create your own secure wifi hotspot wherever there is 3 network coverage, meaning you can take it with you more or less anywhere.
    You can connect up to 5 devices so you can have 2 laptops, 2pc's and ipod touch connected at same time.
    It isn't just for use at home, you can have it in your camper or car at someone's house who doesn't have wifi, on the train etc.
    3 has got quite a good network coverage, just check on their website.

    Its in its original box

    E585 Wireless Modem
    Wall charger
    USB cable
    Instruction cards

    No sim card.
    It is probably cheaper to get one with data on from eBay or Amazon. Amazon charge £11.49 for 3gb of data allowance (which lasts 3 months).
    Just make sure you get one that says mobile broadband or data allowance on it.

    £55 posted.
  2. aggghhhh just got one from ebay
  3. D'oh

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