How much rust is too much? Buying a T2

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  1. Chassis looks rough where the belly pan mounts... blister on the rear lower quarter indicates some blown filler .. there pretty much all going to have some bondo in them though.. I personally dont see where the belly pans offer much in the way of additional strength.. a sheet of 18 gauge with a few swages is only going to offer a wee bit of additional strength.. Belly pans are usually fitted to smooth out the underside and aid airflow .. Without the pans there are loads of nooks and crannies and uneven surfaces where air flow under the van is disrupted. I would run a mile if I saw them welded in.. probably done to hide what the tester wont see in some cases. Surface rust on mechanical components is standard for any old motor.. apart from the chassis rot at the belly pan it doesnt look to bad.. depends on the asking price..

    just seen the 12k asking price ... optimistic in today's marketplace.. depends on how useable the interior is and what roof on it ... respray looks like its been laid on pretty thick.. I would say its closer to £8k if you were keen and save the rest for the repairs...

    If I was selling my bus I would value it around £16k and expect to get less probably closer to 12 in reality .. and it genuinely needs nothing.. Dont jump in.. Hire one first and see if you still like the idea.. then buy a Type 4 / 5
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