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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by craig, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. The van has been stud while i repainted the dash so when i put every thing back in place and took her for a spin . when i went round a corner i could hear water rushing to the opposite side by my feet :eek: so when i got home i checked behind the kick panel and there was a fair bit of water :( . its got new seals all round and when i fit the new front panel i sealed it all the way round so where can it be coming from :thinking:

  2. Washer bottle hose split.....windscreen seal leaking at the bottom corners.?
  3. Birdy

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    Have you checked around the front air vent box?? Where it meets the front panel but also the drain tube that come out of it. Also any leaks around the window??
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    Mine did that at first with the new windscreen seal. Just advised to get my fingers on the seal and pull it down all along the bottom, especially in the corners. Did this a few times and it did the trick.

    A bit disconcerting though when you go round a corner and get the swoosh! :)
  5. thanks for the replys guys it has a new front window seal so i will check the air box and washer bottle lines at the weekend when its light and i will get the wife to spray the front with a hose
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  7. Have you got the plastic drain pipe from the front heater box in place?
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    Mine leaked from the bottom corners of the windscreen in to behind the kick panels. I had to use windscreen sealant in the end.
  10. Another possibility.... water is passing by the seal for the air box flap actuator rod.

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