Heat Exchager to Fan housing Gaskets, Where from ?!?! (Type 4)

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  1. Hi All,

    My first post on here !! currently rebuilding my type 4 engine for my 76' westy and I am at the point of trying to get hold of the gaskets which go on the cover plates from the heat exchanger to fan housing. Part numbers are: 021- 256-325A and 021-256-326A. CSP stock them but 22Euros postage!! does anybody have a solution with these? mine had non fitted when the engine was stripped so I have nothing to stencil from. I was thinking maybe a neat broad bead of High temp silicone to create a seal, or if anybody knows of stock in the UK that would be great aswell.

    Many Thanks,
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  2. That's what i did and it's been fine for 5 years and many more .
  3. the red high temp stuff .
  4. that's good to know then, I believe the originals were 3mm thick so a bead of silicone should do it nicely. Many thanks for the reply Faust
  5. I never even knew there was a gasket there! Not seen it on a parts diagram....
  6. I bought 2 hardly used original heat exchangers and they had the red silicone on them so just assumed that was what vw did .
    Never seen gaskets for them .
  7. if you look up ratwells article on heat exchangers he shows them and how he made some from cork (a lot like rocker cover gasket material). I think I will go with red high temp RTV now I know others have used this method! Thanks
  8. I did this - made them from cork gasket following the ratwell instructions - https://ratwell.com/technical/Heating.html

  9. It's only when the engine has stopped it gets hot in that area ...it's getting direct cool air from the fan .
  10. I'll pop some thin stove rope tape in there.. Got some somewhere....

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