Happy birthday Bobby Charlton

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  1. 81 today :eek: 8C3C929C-50DA-444E-A661-5E727365860A.jpeg real footballers :D
  2. Thought he'd be a lot older ! My dad used to have a similar hairstyle.
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  3. Happy Birthday from Tufty but is he on the forum.. ;)
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  4. Yeh didn’t you know :eek: he’s a real classic :eek:
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  5. With that forehead he is definitely a bay window
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  6. I used to do work for Jackie up in the northeast.

    Bobs a lovely man lives in Cheshire
    He’s a class Geordie.

    Football,England and Manchester United are very-very fortunate to have had an amazing ambassador

    Long may it continue.

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  7. Bob’s a local hero where I live.

    He always buys his meat from the butcher in cheadle hulme.

    Always interact with normal people

    Lovely man.

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  8. I wonder if he ever got Ron Harris s studs out of his backside :D

    Happy birthday Bobby, a true gent, my favourite Manchester United player of all time:thumbsup:
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  9. Merlin Cat

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    Happy birthday Bobby, a class act
  10. Even people who don't like football love Bobby Charlton :hattip:

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