Grill n Chill 2015, Hop Farm, Kent - 18-20 September

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  1. Don't panic, you don't need to do anything :) When you arrive just say your with The Late Bay club camping and they'll point you in the right direction :thumbsup:
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  2. Thank you @Mrs Majorhangover, now just have to decide whether to follow their directions or drive in the opposite direction! :rolleyes:
  3. its ted

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    We will be there, collecting tickets Wednesday
    Look forward to putting a human face to all the avators
  4. So if me & she who must be obeyed, go just tell them we're with TLB, by the way what's the facility's like?
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  5. They are cracking! A proper toilet and shower block although there are still portaloos if that's your thing :D

    Plus there's a bar and stage which usually ends in drunken dancing thanks to @Barneyrubble :confused:
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  6. its ted

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    Oh and lots of space !!!
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  7. Thanks
  8. thanks to Mrs Hangover too
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  9. its ted

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    And a loud sound system and my mate is the DJ
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  10. There's Mainly Madness on Saturday night but there's also usually a DJ after too.
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  11. Brill save me a camping spot as can't leave untill kids leave school and it's a good 4/5 hours
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  12. Is there room for us? Will be there for the weekend but Cathie has got to teach Saturday but will be back in the evening
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  13. Book me a place I fly back form Germany on Friday so I'll head straight down. :)
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  14. All booked see you there .
  15. Woo hoo, so pleased you're coming!!!

    Looks like I might need to extend the TLB plot :D
  16. Will do. I'll use empty beer and prosecco bottles to mark your spot :D
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  17. U mean sesecco bottle Liz:rolleyes:
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  18. Woo hoo tickets turned up in the post this morning.
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  19. Tickets booked,the good lady wife & myself coming it's our 1st event been lone campers till now
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