Good Inexpensive L.E.D.s For Your Bay Dome And Instrument Panel

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by BayWatcher, Aug 16, 2011.

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    [/td][/tr][tr][td][font=arial,sans-serif] This is a T-5 dbl L.E.D. that replaces any light in your dash. They are twice as bright as the old bulbs and only use 0.1Watt. I have ordered 3 different L.E.D.s and this is the only one that performs brilliantly. So once you follow the link to the catalog, don't get bogged down with comparison shopping. This is the one you want. Also, as I write this, a direct link can't be made to this unit. It says it's busy and to try again later. The link I'm posting goes to the reviews for it. For some reason, that link is working. I'm sure you can navigate accordingly from there.

    Here is a festoon bulb replacement that fit's in bay domes and in the Westy fixtures over the sink.
    It puts out an impressive 126 lumens on just a single watt. That's almost as much as a 20 watt incandescent and it won't run down your battery when you're camping.
    It's a cold white light and just one in the dome illuminates all the way down to your peddles and as far back as the Z-bench seat. (imagine that)
    They're only $5.70ea with free shipping.


    This company also has L.E.D. replacements for your brake/reverse/directional as well, but I have not tried them yet.
    And while you're in there, look around. They have incredible deals on many things, amazing and/or silly.
  2. Excellent, I fitted LED's to my last bus bought of eBay they were rubbish & didn't last. I don't mind paying more for quality. :)
  3. Like everything else in this catalog, these are dirt cheap, but the quality seems to be quite good so far. I think L.E.D.s just weren't very good quality until recently, unless you paid a fortune. Now the price of good ones is coming down.
  4. will these led's dim ok - some of the ones off ebay won't....

    and if I wanted to do my whole dash areas how many is that around 8? obviously the charging light needs to remain a bulb from memory...
  5. No, they don't dim, though I've never needed them to.
    I don't remember how many my dash takes. gas gauge-1, clock-2, speedo 1 or 2, heater lever indicator- 1, high beams-1,... that's all I remember.
  6. I can vouch for those festoon LEDs, I spent quite a long time looking on ebay as there seems to be quite a different number of LED configurations and I ended up buying the 3x3 matrix with 9 LEDs like these ones and it certainly gives out a nice bright light.
    bought a 2 pack from ebay for £2.29 with free postage
    I soldered them together and put them both in the ceiling light together. Not worried by the fact that that light is still connected to the starter battery, at 2 watts total it'll have no impact.
  7. As I mentioned above, these are a very cool white, much like a fluorescent bulb. They're fine in the overhead and in the instrument cluster, but in the Westy fixture over the kitchenette it was a bit like sitting in a dentist's office. I wasn't very bothered by it but I have apparently spoiled my friends, as they would have none of it.
    Since proper L.E.D.s produce no heat, I simply put a strip of amber colored cellophane inside the light cover. It was such an easy fix I should have done it months ago.
    It is sold cheaply in rolls alongside gift wrapping paper or at hobby shoppes. Blue is also a nice effect. (everybody always looks much better in blue light too, have you noticed?)
    I wonder if blue + red would make a properly effective black light. :thinking: You may laugh, but it would go nicely with Pink Floyd as I fall asleep. ;)
    Come to think of it, I've been digitally grabbing vintage black-light posters off ebay. Wouldn't they be fun printed in little 5"X7" or 8"X10" posters for the bus? :hippy: (just for a while anyway)
    To use the local vernacular, "I'll get my coat.".
  8. Any chance of a pic of what they look like
  9. Lit up in the van that is lol
  11. Yeah thanks fella the stock lighting is barely visable at night lol
  12. Thanks for the info BayWatcher - to get a brighter light I've changed the 286's for 284's. 284 is the same fitment but 2.3w, as its only on the indicator lamp it's not on for very long so the extra wattage won't be a problem.

    For the background lighting I have removed the green globes and changed the 286 white bulbs for blue 4 way LEDs - these look great, at night my dash has a blue even glow and that does go well with a blue bus.
  13. Links need renewing please =]

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