Gearbox 3 rib vrs 5 rib vrs 6

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  1. Can someone explain the differences between a 5 rib box vrs 3 or 6 ! Final drives etc
    My 1700 has a three rib and just toying with the idea of a 5 rib as there is a possibility of one !

    What engine would the 5 rib originally come with ? 1800?
  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Yep, 5 rib was in the 1800.
    I've got a spreadsheet that gives all the gear ratios etc for all VW boxes if you want to send me an email address.
  3. I have been thinking about this recently but I don't think that 16/1700 gear ratios is are that far apart iv got a 3 rib box with my 1700 and I can sit at 60/70 mph no trouble and I'm getting around 30 mpg on long journeys :thumbsup:
  4. Sent email address ..many thanks
  5. What sort of price is an unknown 5 rib ?
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Unknown 6ribs are usually £600+
    Not sure about 5s
    I'll send those docs Sunday mate
  7. I've posted a wanted 5 rib ad request with no joy (yet):( I have seen the one for sale on flea ay but after 10 years sitting around it probably needs some sort of work?
    I was thinking it may well be just as cost effective to rebuild my current 3 rib box with the correct 1800cc ratios and final drive.
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  8. I think they are a '1 year only' look for then with the hen's teeth & rocking horse doodoo
  9. I have a 3 rib with a Subaru and that works fine for now but will just have the 4th gear lengthened rather than get a 6 rib
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  10. Your gonna be using a 6 rib this afternoon :thumbsup:

  11. Cool blog...:thumbsup:
  12. I have your bumper in hand...:thumbsup:
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  13. Legend :thumbsup:
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    Is that a euphemism??
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  15. I'm interested to here what the reasoning is not to switch out to a 6 rib. I have a 1700/ with a 3 rib, but have longed for a higher speed to keep with traffic. I'm a novice so can't imagine opening a transmission to change out a rear or even know where or what gear to get.

    We await any in put, as well.
  16. The 6 rib CP code I bought from Morecombe and Wisevan cost £600, I do know of one for sale (advertised in Hayburner) for £1600 at World Wild Wagens VW.
  17. So is the 6 rib cp code the highest ratio they did ? Are the rancho freeway flyer any higher?
  18. I'd be interested in the spreadsheet with ratios if possible too @Baysearcher as I have a 5 rib box from original 1800 on my USA import but now have the 2000c in my bus. Thanks
  19. p.o. Fitted a six rib to mine, and its a worthy mod I reckon. It sits comfortably at around 75-80 without the motor sounding like its gonna scream itself to death lol
  20. What engine have you got @Luis Navarro and what box did you have before?

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