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  1. Dear friends, sorry i was discussing this last weekend but got called away as son hurt his leg, want to put a idiots simple free extinguisher in engine bay, i have a secondary fan fitted to boot lid but i guess it would go behind over carb seen VW air but £250 would have thought they manufactured any suggestions please.

  2. Sometimes its cheaper to change the fuel hoses and fit a shutoff solenoid.
    But systems like Blazecut with the tube that melts with the fire and sprays chemicals seem better than one that dumps its load in one place, and requires that the fire be below it to trigger it.
    Also be aware that an engine bay extinguisher does sweet FA for a pool of petrol burning under the bus. Where also having a solenoid valve (not a manual shutoff, your elbow doesnt want to catch fire. ) may stop more fuel feeding the pool.

    Just having a solenoid valve allowed me to put out the whole fire with half a 1kg extinguisher in the engine bay and half under the bus.

    Ideally an engine bay extinguisher cuts the fuel feed off and stops the engine when it triggers.

    And I now have Goodridge motorsport rated stainless braided fuel hose from the tank and my fuel filter is metal..
  3. Which hose did you use ( 200) ? and does it still attach using hose clips, as none of the fittings seem appropriate for our buses.
    After reading the fuel leak thread think your set up is a good idea.
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  4. What’s the fan for?
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  5. I bought a Telecamit solenoid about ten years ago, but nobody seems to sell them these days.
  6. Where did you install it? I can't imagine it helping in @.CK.'s case unless it was very close to the outlet on the tank?
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  7. The pic that keeps on giving...

    Tank-->filter-->t piece to Ebers pump-->cutoff valve-->off to carbs

    a fuel lines 6s.jpg
  8. Check out the recent thread Help!! Petrol Leak, before considering a fire extinguishing system, first of all I would minimize the risk of a fire starting in the first place.

    Renew all fuel lines, tank breathers, fuel filler hose and place a new fuel filter under the fuel tank and well out of the engine bay. Make sure your carb/carbs are not leaking fuel and the float bowl needle valves work correctly to avoid overflowing fuel.

    Then after all that done, I would as suggested, install a fuel shut off solenoid.

    In the case of the Help!! Petrol Leak thread, fuel poured from a perished fuel line, if that caught fire, I doubt any fire suppression system would put the fire out.
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