Fuse box layout for 1979 Type 2?

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  1. has anyone got a simple left to right fuse box layout for a 1979 T2, with fuse ratings and what each one does? Thanks!
  2. I would love a copy too! _ I am having trouble with washer motor and wipers and fuses and ratings would be handy!
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    Check thesamba.com or on Ratwell
  4. According to my Haynes manual:

    Fuses 1973 onwards
    1 Left hand rear sidemarker lamp and tail lamp
    2 Rear number plate
    Front parking lamp
    Front side marker lamp
    Right hand tail lamp
    Right hand rear side marker lamp
    3 Left hannd headlamp low beam
    4 Right hand headlamp low beam
    5 Left hand headlamp main beam and indicator
    6 Right hand headlamp main beam
    7 spare
    8 Front inerior lamp
    Rear interior lamp
    Hazard warning circuit
    9 Buzzer warning system
    10 Heater rear window
    windscreen wipers
    11 Reversing lamps
    Fuel gauge
    Direction indicators lamp
    Generator warning lamp
    oil pressure warning lamp
    12 Horn
    Brake stop lamp
    Brake warning lamp

    Numbering is from left to right and only 9 and 10 are red 16amp - the rest are white 8 amp.
  5. or search on here for the pdf of the Bentley Manual, its all in there (or buy a Haynes manual)
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  7. You fellows need to get a workshop manual - can't own a van without one ;).

    You can also download the Owner's Manual for your bus from many places...
  8. Just resurrecting this thread (it is Easter) but working on the van today I noticed the fuel gauge wasn’t working so wondered about the fuses, noticed one has gone then when I came to check the order it doesn’t look like mine. Would there be any reason why different fuses be in these slots?
  9. A previous owner not having a clue, most likely.
  10. Not dissimilar to the current then!

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  12. Dont pull the blue fuse !

    Actually that one is definitely an imposter.
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