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  1. Heading off Saturday evening to Glenshee for a night of wild camping then onward to Fortrose in the Black Isle.

    Plan for a restful Sunday in Fortrose Bay , then a canny stroll back home on Monday.. not got a route planned yet but overall looking at around 300 miles for the weekend .. Fingers crossed for good weather .. :)
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  3. Left the camera in the van.. so no pics yet, but the bus surpassed itself ,, I fitted a GPS electronic speedo as the main speedo packed in ( although it has started working again) GPS speedo seems really accurate .. but today on the A9 south dual carriageway section I saw a sustained 65 .. Got to say, the van just goes better and better, really loosened up an run in, ( although its took a while ) uses zero oil, unlike when it was put in out the crate when it used a fair bit .. mind you some of it escaped via the punctured pushrod tube .. Replacements seem to be 100% leak free, ( touch wood ) ZERO metalic particles in the oil now as well.. Carbs need a retune, but just a light grey deposit in the tail pipe .. Full service on the cards before the next trip.. Biggest bug bear, arseholes sitting on the back bumper that seen incapable of an overtake on a long straight road with 200bhp and 0 to 60 of 5 sec average .. PRICKS Fast car slow brain..
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  4. Fortrose is beautiful. I’ve played golf at the club up there and the camp site is next door. Great views across the water.
    Black Isle is famous for great ales so you should try a few.
  5. So, the run down goes thus: Saturday, cleaned the van and did a quick check of the essentials, Whiskey, Check, Beer, Check, Cold fridge, Check ..

    Then checked the oil and did a quick grease up on the front end..

    6.30pm the wife got home from work and by 7pm we were on the road. 1st stop Kirriemuir for a carry out chinese then on ward to Glenisla where we made a stop on a forestry road to scoff the carry out .. and very enjoyable it was indeed..

    Onward to our intended wild camping spot at Glenshee,the midst of the Cairngorms.

    Spot the red deer in pic 2 ?

    DSCF3473.JPG DSCF3474.JPG
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  6. Up bright and early for a quiet start.. Headed up through Braemar to Crathie, and turned off onto the single track B road and over the Lecht.. Then via Tomintoul to Carbridge where I found the next project.. Looked like it had been around a bit and would have a few stories to tell !!

    Lecht Summit
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  7. Arrived at Fortrose Bay camp site around 10am.. Plenty VW memorabilia in the reception and the owner was really enthusiastic about VW campers :)

    One other T2 on site, a neat Purple prototype with dormobile conversion.. unfortunately I forgot to get a pic.

    Our pitch was beachfront, with great views. We didn't hang around as the reception said that high tide was 1030 and the dolphins would make an appearance about that time at Chanery bay.. We parked up and took a 10 minute walk to the spot and right on cue the dolphins appeared.. really clse to the beach as well.. Unfortunately I didnt get a pic but at least we got to see them in another spot on the East coast of Scotland.. we ended up walking 6 miles in a loop back to the campsite..

    The following day we took the van to Morray and had another long walk .. and still no alcohol ...

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  8. and more before a wee tin of T

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  9. Next day Monday, it was back on the road as wifey had to be home for work on Tuesday ...

    so Inverness, down the single track side of Loch Ness, had dinner by the side of the Caledonia Canal, and headed off past the comando monument overlooking Ben Nevis..Glen Roy,( ice age landscape ) Lagan, and Dalwhinnie Onto the A9 where I hit a magical 65 mph, stopping off for a fish supper by the river Tay in Dunkeld and home for 7pm.. :)

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  10. more :)

    nope, the first pic isnt in the Alps.. although it has a very Alpine look.. Thats the actual road to Glen Roy.. at its widest :) LOL nah seriously there are passing places but you dont want to drop off the blackstuff.. Wish I took more pics of this road.. Further up its switchbacks on steep inclines with huge drops on the passenger side , a great wee adventure.. Were planning to wild camp up here in the near future and walk the rest of the road into the glen where I decided it was best not to drive the van...

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  11. And finally Home :) Not to bad for a weekend.. I haven't worked it out yet but close on 300 miles :)

  12. Planning a decent trip North o the Border in early present thinking Stirling first night, up Loch Ness to Inverness area for a few days (Fort George, Culloden, Clava Cairns, Nairn and maybe a game o fitba in Inverness on Saturday) Then over to Ullapool area on the west, possibly up to clach toll then over to Lewis/Harris....
    Cannae wait!
  13. Epic trip by the sounds of it .. Proper adventure :)
  14. It’s up north, I went there recently :thumbsup:

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