Ever had one of those days...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soggz, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. when your feeling ‘out of sorts?’.
    I can’t/don’t want to seem to want to do anything today.
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  2. Same here today.

    Bit of hoovering normally gets me going.
  3. Every day I can’t do what I want to do
  4. Why not, matty?
  5. I have ME/CFS so have very limited energy so most of the things I use to do like mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, getting on with the van/house or just working full time have had to change.
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  6. Blimey. No signs of improvement?
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    Blimey Matty that is a change of lifestyle. You must really have to prioritise.
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  8. I did a 12hour mountain bike race and never recovered a year later I was diagnosed with ME but by this time I had ended up basically confined to the bed/sofa and was like this for a year.

    9 years on I am now working 3 days a week and getting on with most stuff as best as I can but will never get back to how I want.
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  9. It does help you see what's important in life so it does has had some positives
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  10. Crumbs @matty , how did that come about?. My Mrs's brother is supposed to have that but then you learn of him digging someones garden and re-lining their pond for them. It's a much grey area type of thing and many people are milking it. Not good for those folk who actually do have it for real.
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  11. There's lot of levels of severity luckily with management I'm not one of those people that are permanently bed/wheelchair bound.

    I can do almost anything I what but it comes with delayed consequences.
    As a example each year I work at Glastonbury festival doing nights in the naughty late night area as a way of sticking my fingers up to the illness but I have to plan my workload for a couple of weeks before and it takes me at least a month to get back to a level base.
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  12. Did this suddenly come on, or happen gradually?
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  13. You do like to live life on the edge Snots don’t you? :thumbsup:
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  14. No stopping me once I get going with the turbo-brush. I remember Keith Richards telling me to slow down.
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  15. I was round Keef’s the other day.....I was shocked to see him get the old Colombian Marching Powder out of a cupboard....before I realised it was Shake N Vac, old Keef loves to put the freshness back apparently. Jagger’s more of a feather duster man they say.
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  16. Doesn’t surprise me. Lemmy was a monster with his Marigolds on.
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  17. Preety much suddenly
    They seam to think it comes out with 3 triggers coming together at the same time one that's common to most people that get ME is having the Epstein–Barr virus (glandular fever) at some point in there life.

    For me they put it down to me having glandular fever as a kid , high stress ( I was facility's manager doing 3 peoples job including a £10m project at the time) and pushing my body to the limit doing the bike race on exmoor.
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    You do that Shake and Vac thing don't you....
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