Even more fun with dimensions outer sill location

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  1. Had a nice break and now need to lock in the front end of Chuggs.

    I have been around measuring the dimension from the chassis rail outer face to the outer sill.

    Overall I see 390mm from the chassis rail to the lip of the outer sill on the RHS and 380mm on the LHS - anyone ever measured this and does this seem right?

    Adapted below the dimension is from outer lip; a, and the chassis face; b. thanks

    VW bulkhead_LI.jpg
  2. Is it the measurement from the tab at the bottom of the b post to the tab on the outrigger where it's welded to the chassis rail? (the pic points to halfway along the outrigger/jacking point)
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  3. I've just measured the same distance on mine and they are both 385mm give or take 1mm (eyes don't work as well this early!)o_O
    Which i'm relieved about as this is the area i'm rebuilding at the moment (past 12 months :oops:)
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  4. Measurement was from B post tab to the chassis rail face.

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