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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Max Davies, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. This is a vid of my engine after my first rebuild taken on 9/12. I just cleaned it painted parts, replaced the oil cooler and the pushrod tubes and stuck it back together with some new seals.

    This is a vid of my engine taken yesterday.

    That's after new barrels and pistons, heads and that powerspark electronic ignition system with new coil and leads.

    To me it doesn't sound quite as happy now as it did before the new parts. Is that normal with the higher compression and newness or should I revisit tappets, timing and carb?

    Although I've had the van since 2000 I am a newby at this and still have completely untrained eye and ear so I'd be grateful for any opinion.

    I think it's now running at around 900 rpm but it doesn't seem to be running that evenly as you can see from the strobing pulley wheel that it's moving around a bit (video is taken at 60 frames per second). I've used a laser rev counter with the sticker on the pulley and that too seems to jump around a lot (possibly because it's rubbish).

    Any views?
  2. Sounds just fine to me. The first one sounds like a bag of spanners.
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  3. Day

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    Second one sounds better to me..
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  4. Second one gets my vote too
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  5. Second sounds sweet
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  6. Sounds terrible, you should swap it with me straight away, mine is silent.... (because it won't start!)

    To be honest it sounds pretty much spot on. Drive it and see what its like, you'll soon know if its not quite right. If its stumbling a little at tickover do a quick check for leaks and if none found, just up the idle a smidge.
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  7. That's all good news. Shows how much I know. Thanks.

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  8. I would vote for second one too, sounds pretty sweet
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  9. Fist one is like a diesel boat engine

    Edit # do I spy a little plastic cup of doom top left

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