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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Apparently the engine I was planning on keeping as a spare is in the way and I’ve got to sell it so I’ve written a couple of adverts which one should I use
    1 Engine for sale £850 or £920 delivered
    2 1600 T1 engine for sale, oily as f, loads of end float, heat exchangers shot, exhaust crap, there are better ones available if you look about, I work long hours so you can’t come to see it, I’m not answering any questions and I’m certainly not wrapping it or helping the courier YOU have organised, £850 or £900 if you try to haggle

    I hope it sells :rolleyes:
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  2. bernjb56

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  3. What an honest advert , should sell straight away :eek:.
  4. Don’t say that, shall I say it’s seized
  5. davidoft

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    I’ll give £50 if you hand deliver it and fit it for a 3 month trial in my van :)
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  6. First offer is always the best , glws
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  7. You missed out.

    So seized it will need the power of the arc of the covenant to crank it over.
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  8. It wont last 3 months @davidoft
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  9. minutes ?
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  10. I actually don’t think it’s in the way, ok maybe putting it in our bedroom on my wife’s side was a bit silly:p
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  11. How long does a spare need to last .
  12. Where’s @Lord Congi and @Geordie when you need them, they know a good advert when they see one:thumbsup:
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  15. Yes
  16. @Barry Haynes
    Option 1.
    Tell em it was owned my some famous dude but cover your tracks
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  17. @Barry Haynes
    Option 2
    Stick a subi sticker in it and charge twice as much
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  18. @Barry Haynes

    Option 3

    This in my opinion is the best.
    Keep it one day you may need it.

    This is gonna require some work on your part give the engine a good clean and polish, then have a bespoke lovely peace of glass made to go on top of the engine walla you have a lovely coffee table for the wife to stick in the lounge.:cool:
  19. @Barry Haynes
    Option 4

    Advertise it on Facebook, latebay, eBay
    Gumtree. It will sell :cool:
  20. Bingo!!Your a genius @Geordie
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