EMPI hard start relay diagram

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  1. Hi ... can anybody confirm a couple / few things before I try to install the Empi relay

    The EMPI wiring diagram seems to conflict with all other schematics diagrams for a starter relay.
    EMPI instruction states 86 (the blue wire) goes to earth.
    And 85 (brown wire ) joins to original ignition switch wire ( the one removed from the spade terminal on the solenoid.
    All other diagrams on starter relays including some previous threads on this site state:-
    86 joins to the ignition switch wiring and 85 goes to earth ?!

    Second question is where is the best place to mount the relay would it defeat the purpose of having it if I mounted it at the back of the engine bay?
    Or should I just mount close to starter.
    Lastly see my photo ....
    I just want to confirm I remove both wires that are crimped together that’s the red and red and black that currently go to the spade connector on the solenoid and route them to the relay pin 86? They are the ignition wires right ?

    Cheers for any advice .... I know these questions are basic but I don’t want a spend time messing it up !

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  2. Standard practice usually dictates terminal 85 goes to earth. In reality when using a bog standard coil (with no diode across 85 & 86) like the one you’re using it makes no difference.
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  3. The relay is best in the engine bay, they are not 100% weather proof so you might as well protect it.

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