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  1. Hi all if I bought this do I need anything else or is it a straight swap?
    Also brown /black cap what's the difference apart from colour?
    I've a 1600 type 1
    09 dizzy no vac[​IMG]

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  2. The difference is that that one's made in a dark shed in China ;)
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  3. Don’t get the 009 non vacuum; the SVDA with vacuum might be okay but what’s wrong with whatever distributor you have?
  4. Nothing it works it's a 009 none vac I've no idea if it's an after market.
    But I was told a electronic with a vac would be better, do u agree?

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  5. Yes, a SVDA distributor with (or without) electronic points is better than a 009.
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  6. The link is an Accuspark distributor. I used one for a few years without any problems.

    I don’t know the website your buying from but if it’s a cheapo distributor from China swap the rotor arm and cap for decent quality ones (Beru or Bosch). Fitting it is more or less a straight swap but you’ll probably need to move the plugs leads round on the cap, and adjust the timing of course.
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  7. This is the site mate

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  8. That the same Accuspark as the ebay link. The rotor arm and cap are rubbish regardless of the colour but the distributor should be okay. Mine was anyway and I only changed it for a 123 because I could - I think I still have the Accuspark in the garage.
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  9. Still better than a 009 .
    Tried everything to smooth out the delivery on the Pertronix 009 I ran for many years .
    Spent 60 quid on an accuspark - it transformed the pickup from tickover and general running . I carry a spare module 'just in case' but doubt I could find it if needed....

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  10. Accuspark dizzy is fine but as said. Get a Beru cap and rotor arm and you will be fine. Time it to 28-30 degrees BTDC at 3000 rpm.
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  12. I've bought the Accuspark one
    Where can I get a Beru cap and rotor to fit it from please.

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  13. GSF.
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  14. GSF discount code MID60. expect 40% on and 60% off
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