Cruise to ninove March 14th Belgium

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  1. That's very good.

    I paid £317 for a one way trip, no food and basic cabin in August
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  2. Ouch, very spendy..
  3. just checked my bookings and it was a little less than i thought , for the campervan and 2 adults it was £252 , I remember now that when pricing it up it was £270 but when i clicked to confirm purchase it dropped to 252 but i dont know why .
    I dont think its too bad in general but for just the one day of the "show" it is quite an expence, that is why i am thinking of making it a 4 day trip or maybe even longer, a stay over in ostend or similar would be an idea,visit the Chicken shack "Koekoek Tavern" for one thing
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  4. For u yes mate just put it up as I was going for a jolly boys outing no one is abliged to go just trying to create a nice club vibe like the old days
    Currently sat in my bus at Brighton breeze with the erberspatcher on toasty waiting for the ska band to start

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  5. What I really could do with was a +1 to share the costs with, but that implies two bodies in bus, and I suspect that will be too cosy for many. Oh and I fart a lot after Belgium beer :rolleyes: Enjoy the show :thumbsup:
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  6. Just checked train return around £150.

    Not bad at all. The moanies happy to stay at home as well. The quandary....
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  7. Can’t please the brexit bashers dont wanna get ther pride and joy rusty .... balls to it let’s party

    Boris don’t care nor do we

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