Coupler problem

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Geraint Thomas, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. hi guys,
    I cannot get the rear rod coupler off at all , I’ve undone the self tapping nut and its free to turn 90 degrees and I have been using a screwdriver in the side of the coupler and it’s just turning and turning . the bolt through the middle won’t come out. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas ?
  2. You mean you can't get the weird tube thing with the "wing" ends out? Tap it out with a punch from the non-folded over end.
  3. Managed to get it off, what a pain that was ! I need to start fitting the bushes !
  4. Which way around does the bush sit on the rod? I have the bush with the two plastic nibs on and the metal ring! Is it open end and the metal ring in the sleeve first?
  5. Pic from the Samba.
    Shift rod bushes.jpg
  6. I’m really struggling to get the bush back in the sleeve , The shuttle cock style bush with the splayed end with the wire has to go back into the sleeve , how do you push it back in when it’s so snug?
  7. Can someone please tell me where this rubber goes ? There wasn’t any left of the original so I don’t know where it went? I’m doing the gear linkage image.jpg I have the picture diagrams but that doesn’t really show where it goes properly!
  8. That isn’t part of the rear linkage, the rear linkage is section P in @77 Westy’s post.
  9. That goes over where the shift rod enters the gearbox
  10. I’ll have to check, I’m not sure I’ve got a seal there.
  11. That was quite a task replacing the bushes and rubbers and new rear coupler !! I fit a new scat gear stick too . I’ll take it out tomorrow now and see what’s it’s like.
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