Cool Hannover factory pics from 1973...

Discussion in 'Type 2 History' started by Booner, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Just found these on my old Laptop, so thought I'd share them before it crashes!
    Vw Autowerks, Hannover, August 1973....:D

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  2. That's the 74 models then,,you see the petrol flap is gone :)
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  3. gotta get me a lift like that - see they put the transmission and injun in in one go - I bet it took mere seconds :)
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    Can I blag those for my blog please
    @Booner ?
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  5. Certainly can mate :)
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  6. Here's the rest....
  7. And they're all going to UK
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  9. foe


    Nice pics
  10. I think they are '72s.

    can you not see the crossdresser in the last photo? :)
  11. That is a bloke, with a beard and a
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  12. Oh ek I never noticed that.
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  13. I thought that too, but the bloke in the foreground, with the tank top, looks like he's shopped too....I've had beer though, everything's a bit blurry
  14. mine was on the line just before the date on that pic :thinking:
  15. What...your beard or frock? :0)

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