Chinese Night heater 2Kw

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  1. I test ran it today in the shed, the fuel consumption was very consistent and worked out at 414ml per Hour, so I guess its a real 5KW and the stickers can't be believed. I think I'll just set it up to draw air from outside instead of recirculating it. I never planned on leaving it on, just a 10 min blast to take the edge off, ever so often.:)
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  2. Fitted a 2kw version under my rear bench.

    So far so good, the heat it kicks out is amazing, happy I took the plunge and bought one for the sake of £115.

    Running on parifin, fuel kept in a washer bottle up front and fuel pump in a junction box on the chassis rail. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Recirculating the hot air is a great idea
  4. It is best mount the pump the same as a Facet pump with the outlet higher to bleed any trapped air as you get cavitation bubbles with these types of pump.
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  5. Also Eberspacher pumps. They like to pump “uphill”.
  6. Finally managed to fit the diesel heater in time for techenders.[​IMG]

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  7. Intresting, I wanted to mount mine underslung but due to it being slightly lowered it wasn't possible

    Looks good dude.

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  8. Its probably only about 1.5 inches lower than the chassis.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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