Cheerful happy sunny music for a grey old day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Dunno what it’s like with you, but it’s bucketting down here, with an occasional glimpse of sunshine through the clouds, before it reverts to nice weather for ducks!

    So most of my friends know that apart from Herb Alpert, my other musical guilty pleasure is Andy Williams, and so it fair cheered me up when the iPod randomness threw me this one just now.
    Exuberant singing and some fairly enthusiastic arm gestures have got me some frankly quite worried looks at the traffic lights, but I don’t care! Happy music on a miserable day.

    I’m sure you can all do better....
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  2. ;)
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  3. This should be more suitable.
    *Never one to read/obey the instructions :p
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  4. I'm not in the office this afternoon, so no speakers! It means I can't blast them out to the students studying quietly - Damn!!!
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  5. Instructions? Pah!
    A bit of civil disobedience never hurt :D
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  6. A student just came up to borrow a book, his surname is King, so it made me think of this song :-D
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  7. Pah, amateurs! :p
    here's the most sunshiniest, dancing- with-the-steering-wheel and bouncing-in-the-drivers-seat song EVER :cool:
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  8. It would appear my cheerful singing whilst driving songs tend towards the cheesy at the moment....
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  9. Oops double post, damn lay-bys with minimal signal

    So instead I shall say @Ermintrude Walking on Sunshine....... TUUUUUUUUNE!
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  10. Not a fan of 80s blow wave pop, but you might care to shake a leg to this. Could John Oates look any camper? Is it possible?

  11. Might have to belt this one out too when I get going again....
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  12. Ah, I used to love that video song :)
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  13. LOUD cheerful cheesy singing is the best while driving (and showering) :D

    billy joel delivers
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  14. driving to/for work with Dolly! :D

    am now invoicing and risk assessing while chair bopping :chewie:
  15. Damn!!! Must go and find my headphones...
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  16. One of my all time favourite tunes!
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  18. mamas and papas, any of them - belt them all out to drown out the horrible covers that have been put out recently :mad: and sing your own kind of music...

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