Check Strap Conversion 1979 Panelvan

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by varrenwisher, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Hi the challenges of first my resto continues...

    My 79 check strap needs converting to fit my earlier replacement doors. my question is has anyone done this before or have any suggestions, tips before I proceed?

    Many Thanks Again, pics attached

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  3. The original check strap locator to fit the original check strap in the photo.
  4. That's good news. The later flat checkstraps are much quieter :thumbsup:

    You could either make up an adaptor plate, or just tack-weld the top and bottom of the check strap plate to the door. A bit ugly, but it works.

    Alternatively, you could fit the earlier mechs to the door - the big spring ones - and file down the end of the rod eye so it fits in the later pillar "slots". Had to do that on one of my doors. Prob with the early mechs is if there's any play in the retaining pin, they make a noise like a gunshot every time the door's opened :eek:
  5. Thanks snotty I'm going for the adaptor plate option and use the later checkstraps. Anyone else done this ? Nice One
  6. Years ago, someone used to sell them...but no more, so DIY job.

    The later straps are much better.
  7. Hi All

    I've started making a plate for the check strap conversion (please see pic attached)

    Does anyone have an idea of how best to do this as the bolt holes do not line up ?

    Much appreciated

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  8. You havn't really thought this through have you ??

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  9. Anyone else ? lol
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    Can you not just cut of the top and bottom bits with the holes in, and then weld on longer bits with holes drilled to suit the doors?
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    Cut the holes like you’ve marked up on
    the check strap, put the plate over the check strap then screw the plate on, obviously you need to cut a hole in the middle of the plate for the check strap to fit through
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  12. I`ve got one of each , drivers door is old school `noisy` one whereas the passenger side is the new type and
    luuurrrvvvly ...
    I was going to make a plate but lost the workshop :mad:

    @varrenwisher . If you manage to make a conversion plate why not turn out a few - i`d certainly buy one and i`m sure there are others on here who would ??

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    Just Kampers sell a conversion plate
  14. Hi @davidoft I can't find it on the site, could you advise me ? TA
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