Brighton breeze

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  1. in a few weeks.

    Will anyone be attending? Is there an official latebay area?
  2. I shall be there in the official late bay area.
  3. I’ll be there with @crossy2112 and @Suss, we will be attending the men in rubber festival which is held every year on the pier the same weekend as the Breeze :thumbsup:
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  4. Bazza don't get upset when I win again :)
  5. Don't hold your breath mate as Bazza has got his super new secret weapon this year!
    Bazza's secret weapon.jpg
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  6. IMG_3199.JPG
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  7. I was thinking about it, but I’m a bit scared now...

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  8. What, scared of attending "the men in rubber festival"?
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  9. Don’t worry Gerry, @Suss will help you get ready I’m sure he has a little something you can wear, don’t forget to bring some talc with you though :thumbsup:
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  10. I feel so much better about it now.

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  11. I've got my ticket for the sea front. Doing our own thing camping wise.
  12. Well I’ve just discovered that I’m double booked that sat, got a ticket to see the mighty lilley whites put Cardiff to the sword. So I won’t be attending this year, which is a crying shame as I’d bought a new gimp suit and everything.
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  13. Wear the gimp suit to the match, you won’t look out of place :thumbsup:
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  14. :eek:
  15. I'll be there. Looking forward to it. The Breeze. Not the rubber!
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  16. Half of me might be there :(

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