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  1. right i dont think my front brakes are working !!! on my 74
    i think this becuse when i roll back on the drive and brake the back end seems fine but the front end rises right up
    there was no fluid in the res when the bus arrived since topped up but no sign of leaks anywhere even when pressuried by my ezi bleed
    1 because its a split system can i just bleed the front
    2 the calipers have to bleed nippples which one do i do first top or bottom
    3 what size spanner do i need as the smallest i ve got is 8 mm not sure if it 6 mm or 7 mm
    thanks steve
  2. Hi

    7mm spanner

    you could try bleeding just the front as it`s a split system but personally I would bleed them both if it`s lost fluid you could still have air in the rear system even if it does seem to work ok. It`s easy with an ezbleed anyway.

    I bled the bottom nipple and then the top one and all worked ok ( not sure if this is the correct way though!). funnily enough i had two bleed nipples on the left and only 1 on the right side. Can only assume parts had been changed/replaced
  3. Just do the top nipple. They vary in size and may need molegrips to crack the seal if they haven't been used for a while.
    Sounds like your brakes are fine - because of the suspension design, the front WILL rise when brakes applied in reverse. Nothing untoward here, in fact this actually shows your brakes ARE working.
  4. Spray some penetrating fluid onto them and leave overnight. They snap off really easily!
  6. It's time to get the wheels off and have a good look at the disks pads and drums. Just done my back ones - new drums and shoes, and what a difference. Checked out the front and all was fine. Most important thing is to check the slave cylinders for leaks and also for movement (make sure they move in and out as the brake pedal is pressed and released. If your brake fluid has been in there for more than two years it needs to be replaced as it absorbs water and stops being so effective. Bus breakes are no different from any others. Good ones save your life! While you are doing all this check you brake lines for rust and the flexibles - replace if spongey.
  7. take the bleed nipple s of, skim some cooper grease on the threads they l never seize again , i open all the bleed nipples wait ti l fluid comes out of them all at the same time then close them , doing that will insure no air trapped owen nw
  8. started bleeding em today plenty of air in there but the bf that was comeing out was like sludge so it needs changing had just under a litre top the others dubs up while it was in my hand
    will another litre do it or do i need more ?
  9. A litre is more than enough.
  11. cheers i ll try and get out to it today (got kids and a wedding to go to )

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