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  1. I tried to bleed my brakes with a Gunson Eezibleed, but the brake reservoir screw top would not hold the pressure. Kept leaking and a fine mist spray comes out!

    Can anyone recommend one of the kits when you have a one way valve on the brake nipple, and you just keep pumping the pedal to bleed it?
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    Open all 4 bleed nipples, wait a minute, look for air coming out of the nipples, tighten up, job done
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  3. If the mist has brake fluid in it, it's the best paint stripper in the business!
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    No mist, just drops, no pedal pressing
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  5. It’s that simple , really ?

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  7. Had a problem bleeding my MG and then my brother suggested 'Gravity bleeding' Very simple and worked for me. The m/c is above the brake nipples so will work by trying this method. Back first, place a brake bleed tube over nipple, open end in a jar, open bleed nipple until fluid flows out. Do not press pedal, just watch the fluid and air bubbles slowly flow out, top up m/c and tighten up bleed nipple when all air has escaped. Then the other side and then the front brakes. 40 mins job done. Give it a try and good luck. nb do not need the one way valve
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  8. Tingled a bit as it went in my eyes!
  9. Just let gravity do its thing?
  10. The leak was probably caused by too much pressure; you only need a few psi to push the fluid through the master cylinder. I’ve used an Eezibleed for years and I have an old spare tyre with about 5psi in it, that’s plenty.
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  11. I think I had it quite low. Maybe go lower next time.
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  12. Yes....seems strange but it does work but slowly!
  13. [​IMG]
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    Works for me every time I’ve ever done it
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  16. If there is 2 of you just do it the basic simple way, done in 5 mins put some pressure on the pedal and really knock out the grotty old fluid .
    Providing your nipples are free and easy ....Oh a say what was a thinking .
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    My easy bleed kit works perfectly, have you got the right washers on and not too much pressure in the tyre you're attaching it to, 20 psi max,
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  18. I bow to @davidoft ‘as knowledge as being much better than mine.
    But if you can’t get that to work then the simple way using a bleed pipe with a non return valve works for me every time for about £5
    Really interested in trying &Davidoft ‘s solution next time though!

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