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  1. Anyone have any recommendations of a decent garage heater? Was kinda leaning towards a inverter paraffin one....
  2. My Bus garage is fully insulated.
    I use a dehumidifier and on the occasions it gets really cold,I switch on a tube greenhouse heater.

    Its more important to dehumidify than heat.
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  3. My father in law has got one of the Chinese diesel heaters in his triple size garage. When its 2 degrees outside it gets up to 17 or so inside.
  4. I like my Clarke infra red heater. It heats your body, the walls and the vehicle rather than the air so is great to stand in front of on a cold day.
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  5. I have a dehumidifier on a timer but I’d prefer to be heated :)
  6. Oh right, any fumes off it?
  7. Sounds good, any particular model?
  8. inlet and exhaust out through the wall so no
  9. Ah right get yer. One like this? 939B07C4-BF7B-49F5-8A26-CD48E0F8E1FA.jpeg
  10. Thats it, he had a calor space one that he was doing £50 a week in gas. The Diesel one does 10litres in around 2 1/2 weeks
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  11. This one:
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  12. I’m going to look into both of those heaters, thanks lads.
  13. 5 kW Chinese Diesel heater running on Kerosene @ 70p per ltr, uses 0.5l per hour running flat out.

  14. I've a 5kw Chinese heater in my uninsulated garage and I'd certainly recommend getting one.
    It's only ever used at full power yet still uses virtually no fuel and red diesel is loads cheaper anyway.
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