WANTED Beetle project?

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by JamesLey, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. As some may already know I’m looking to start a Baja Bug build at some point (yes I know the camper isn’t quite finished yet but gotta keep busy!).
    If anyone has a beetle project going please let me know. As it’ll be a baja condition isn’t too important as long as it’s not too far gone.

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  2. @davidoft got nothing hidden in your ottoman?
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  3. davidoft

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    Only T25s ;)
  4. If you’ve got spare time mate as I’ve hinted before the kettles always on at mine

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  5. I think @Mattlad has a bug he was selling.
  6. I’ve just got one sorted matey! All shall be revealed soon.

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  7. Looking forward to this build
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  8. Good god, your going to have built a bus and a bug before mines finished
  9. The bus is still not finished, so I'll just have two work in progress projects. Bus isn't far off "done" though.

    Should be getting it recovered back to ours this weekend so time to start another Late Bay beetle resto thread!

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