Bay View Farm nr Looe

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  1. Nice campsite on the side of a hill so is sloped, take your chocks !!
    Toilets and showers were clean and the water was warm. The shower cubilcles were also mahoosive !!
    Managed to get me and 3 boys in for a shower easily.
    The pitch with leccy cost £25.
    There's also 2 washing machines and 2 tum dryers which cost extra, bout a fiver if memory serves.
    A shop visits in the mornings although we didn't find this out till we'd been there a couple of days.
    The farmer has shire horses on site which are good for the kids to see.
    Did get quite busy while we were there and the others did get close.
    There is a small beach bout 15 mins walk down the hill. Walking back up is energetic !! Nothing much there but there is a small sea pool. Think it was an old holiday camp, Millendreath, been mentioned elsewhere on here.
    View from campsite


    THe beach at Millendreath


  2. Wow looks lovely! Definately have to try that one out ;)
  3. Had a great time at Looe with my girls last year. Deffo check that place out when I have a camper next year. Looks good.
  4. nice,but you do know Loooe is in Cornwall ;D
  5. Poptop2

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    ohh my word i wish i had.nt seen this pic my old holiday home was there and i am missing it big time, the times me n te lads had there !!! :D .

    Lovely pic all the same -- k2u

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