Bay meet up at new Camp-site, near Penrith, Cumbria, August (date tbc)

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Which weekend would you prefer?

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  1. 10th - 12th August

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  2. 17th - 19th August

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  3. 24th 27th August (Bank Holiday)

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  1. Hi TLB+EB,

    As the title says, just gauging interest.

    My pal and fellow classic vehicle enthusiast is developing a campsite on his farm and is keen to get input and ideas from some regular campers before he installs shower blocks, hookups and so forth for next season. He has suggested a weekend of camping for TLB/EB members at minimum cost in return for your ideas and opinions. There may be a token fee to cover the cost of required Portaloos, but no more. I'd expect this to be around 10 quid per bus.

    Jimmy is a cool guy, the site is in a lovely secluded spot close to the Pennines and next to a river. Great place to come if you have kids who like/need to 'run-free', also a great area for walking, cycling and all that jazz.

    Link to the location

    Here's the drill:
    • Very informal - no marked pitches, so circle your wagons!
    • No frills - no showers, no hookups, though you will be able to get charged up at the farm.
    • Fire pits and barbecues welcome.
    • Dogs welcomed but must be kept under control (it's a working sheep farm!!).

    Options (if folks are interested) include:
    • Barbecue/hog roast or similar
    • Music in the barn on Saturday night
    • Shuttle runs to the (very good) pubs in the village 3 miles away
    If you like coarse angling there is an adjacent pond - also brand new, partially stocked and needing 'evaluation' for next season.

    I have added a poll to see which weekend is going to suit the most people :thumbsup:

    Just to give you a flavour of the area, this view is about 2 miles away by bike, the arrow is [roughly] where the site is, behind that hill...

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  2. Anyone interested?

    If it’s a bad idea, just tell me!

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  3. Sounds great although a long way from Hampshire ... it's also the middle of August and my diary is already filled for that month.

    So not a bad idea just one competing with lots of other things going on. Best of luck.
  4. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    It's a nice idea but August is such a busy month for most peeps
  5. Well, all you folks must be more organised than me if August is already sorted! I'll keep giving it the occasional bump to see if we can drum up some trade...

    There can't be many cheaper ways to go camping?
  6. that looks like it will be a superb campsite, the scenery, going by the image looks superb!

    I wish we could get but august is fully booked up, weddings, Keiths Field and Crete beckon.

    I sincerely hope the meet is successful.
  7. Could be the new Eskdale is what I’m thinking

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  8. You never know, its just a matter of awareness of the site and building on it.

    For us, we have never explore that part of the country and it does look stunning, Ive been looking on Google Maps
  9. It is a hidden gem of an area @MorkC68 - I was born 20 miles away and didn't really appreciate it until I was looking for a house and ended up here.

    It is really lovely, but soooo much quieter than the Lake District (which is only a short drive away if you want to go)
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  10. WE will probably be up that way at the beginning of August anyway - for th potfest at Hutton in the Forest and in Penrith - but Mrs Cunny prefers the site to have nice loos and showers and electricity - so I m out I'm afraid - but if the amenities are added at a later date then we could be in.
  11. Only 45 miles from my house so i might be up for it. September is proabably a better bet as the show season is starting to wind down a little, though theres still a show on every weekend.
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  12. Nice one @Zebedee

    Appreciate that September is quieter, but you can’t wait forever when groundwork’s are needed!

    It was just an idea to get some ideas before the diggers come in and give the ‘Bayers first dibs on some [nearly] free camping and a pig on a spit. If there’s not enough takers then we’ll can it.

    Take this as a ‘bump’ for the thread anyway...

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  13. Bloody iPhone,

    Just seen blatant abuse of the apostrophe in my last post and can’t seem to edit

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  14. Last bump for free camping in an amazing and undiscovered place...

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  15. Date depending we could be up for that. would have to be bank hol WE for us (cant click on the vote at the top)

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