Anyone laid Amtico flooring?

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  1. Got some in the bathroom, but The Man laid that while I wasn't looking. Assume you just glue it down?

    All tips appreciated.
  2. You use a levelling latex first which takes a few hours to dry. Then glue to that. It needs to be super level as the amtico/karndean is very thin and shows up any imperfections in the sub base. Also the glues don’t like damp I was told by my mate who fitted mine in my hallway.
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  3. What was the state of your subfloor? This would be going over rock hard old 60s Marley PVC tiles stuck to a concrete floor, which actually look pretty level.
  4. Sub floor=ply from what I've seen?
  5. This ^
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  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand whats wrong with 60s marley tiles i might add.
  7. Should be fine over them
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  8. Whats right with them :D
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  9. That’s what I left down for my mate who’s owned his own flooring business for twenty years. He was having none of it and made me lift them all.
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  10. They're a bit too...jaffa...for my tastes...
  11. The issue is if the adhesive fails under the matleys, loosening the amtico
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  12. We have chipboard floors , latex leveller ,adhesive and amtico , my son has the same but you need someone who knows what they are doing to fit or it will end up a right old expensive bodge imo
  13. I'll scrub 'em and get my spirit level out. I've ripped up vast areas of Marleys in the past - never again. Horrible things.
  14. Never even met her...
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  15. The other issue is the asbestos in them as you chip and smash them to pieces :eek:
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  16. 4AEEC43D-6CCD-4507-9A26-A72961127078.jpeg 770AE9BD-80D2-4D51-8410-6663B116C38F.jpeg
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    No. ‘ Flooring is a funny surname and I would remember!
  18. Also if your doing it make sure you leave boxes of amtico in rooms to be used to get to room temp before laying .
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  19. Is that the same as Acme ? Beep beep
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  20. Unlikely, as in the 60s they stuck them down with thermonuclear glue.
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