Anyone going to Brighton Breeze 2nd Oct - 4th Oct

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Camp together at Hook Rd - Conv. in together

  1. Yes

  2. No - Meet at sea Frt

  1. I'm here too, opposite the burger van next to the fire pit people. Cream 76 bay with black wheel cover. Just got the kettle on
  2. You can have the unicycle again. ;)
  3. I'm still at home in North Warks. :( Didn't get home from work until 6.30 so not even worth trying to set out tonight. (Bloody uni, scheduling my lecture 3-5pm!!! :mad: )

    See you all on the seafront in the morning.
  4. @Silver nt going it twas his :D i will find you easier , the jurgens will stick owt :D look for the jurgens @salad.dodger2;)
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  5. We are here too.......[​IMG]
    But after taking this picture and lighting the barbie someone turned the lights out, lol. So will hopefully catch up with others tomorrow
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  6. Cool stuff, if I turn up I will find you guys on the seafront. Be good to say Hi :thumbsup:
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  7. We were possibly going to camp tonight but changed our minds at the last minute so see you at the Tesco at 8.00 am tomorrow
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  8. Will be setting off soon, so hope to be at Hook Road by 10pm. Is there any plan to meet in the morning so we can join the queue for the convoy together?
  9. I arrived about 30 mins ago, walked the dog around but nobody I asked was from TLB, except someone's husband who was on the toilet at that point I believe.... She had no idea what his TLB name is so I've retired to bed for now. It would be good to meet up in the morning, not least because Wiggie has chosen today to make a rather nasty grinding noise... He was fine yesterday damn him!
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  10. The back of my bus has Surfy's bay scrawled on it in blue on yellow, the bus is dark blue. Just in case you want to find/avoid me in the morning ;)
  11. :eek: on the toilet :eek:
  12. its ted

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    Talking crap again
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  13. its ted

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  14. i smiled quietly
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  15. yeah,dropped by and you were in bed!
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  16. that made me lol:D
  17. its ted

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    Was that when you were dipping one yourself ?
  18. its ted

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    Matilda will be arriving in the morning hopefully see you all then
  19. its ted

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  20. talking to yourself again :D

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