Anyone free tomorrow morning?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ginger ninja, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I’m doing my valve clearances tomorrow morning and need someone to turn the bottom pulley while I fiddle about underneath.
    Otherwise it’s all in out and up and down and I’m too old for that!

    My bus is in the Argyle Road area W13. Probably an hour to an hour and a half by the time I’ve faffed about, followed by a pint on me in the Kent pub.
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  4. Bit of a way for you. I'll keep u posted!

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  5. I'm back about 2-ish ... ??

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  6. could help after about 10;30 am. I'm about 10 miles away in TW19
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  7. Cheers very much to you both. Chris @Lasty it would have been great to see you and acquire your help but I have to pick up my daughter from school as I’m on Daddy day care while my wife is away so I reckon 2pm would be pushing it plus ur just back from a long joorney. BTW Was it a quarter turn of of the pulley nut either way with no movement on the valves before tightening the lock nut that you were referring to at tech Enders? @old man in a van that would be absolutely brilliant! My number is 07967804644 give us a text in the morning if your still up for it. I’ll be at my garage from about 11. I’ll give you the address. You have saved me a lot of time. A pint or two to you!

    All the best

  8. Or if you want I actually live in Brentford TW8 which is a bit closer to Stanwell.
  9. Big thanks to Bob @old man in a van. Had a really nice couple of hours today fiddling around with oily bits. Plus a couple of hours in the pub after. A very knowledgable yet humble chap and great company too. You’d fit in completely at techenders. Don’t be shy on this forum either Lurkio! Chris @Lasty thanks for the technical tip. Made so much sense when I was at the business end.
    Hope to see/here from you both soon.

    Huge thanks again

  10. I only got into London this evening around 8.30 and would have been happy to stand around as "the guy who knows even less than you" :thumbsup:
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