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  1. Hey guys.

    Just thought i'd let you all know about Air Monkeys magazine.

    We are a free to read online magazine showcasing the best of the air-cooled scene. We've been about for about 1 year now and we have had 3 issues so far with great reviews from around the world. We feature awesome cars (including Early Bays!), super show reports and the nest new technical products around. We also aim to bring you other scene related items such as music reviews, indie films reviews, cool apparel, campsite visits, and other different and interesting cars and bikes we think you'd love.

    The best part about the magazine is that its made by people that love the world we work and play in. We offer free adverts to related companies and as editors, writers and photographers we make zero money from the magazine. We do it give something back to you guys!

    If your interested in having a look at our first 3 magazines then hit the links below.
    If you think your bus is cool enough to be featured or if you want a magazine then send us an email at

  2. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    had a flick through yesterday. some good stuff to read :)
  3. Thanks for this! Glad to see our own Dogs n Dubs featured in issue 1!
  4. cheers peeps!

    please continue to spread the word!

  6. Remember FREE adverts are available in the magazine so get in touch if you want one!

    Joe 8)

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