A hello from me, Tegs, in sunny Verwood, Dorset.

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  1. Hey folks, so it’s been in my ownership for near on ten years now in August of this year, but due to life commitments she’s been parked up in my garage for the past three. Until now and I’m glad to have her out again!

    My 73’ westy - Original French van purchased from a farmer for €500 in 2009 and restored in 2010 by a family friend in the south of France before he drove it over for a test drive/delivery in September 2011.

    A few little things planned for this year to finish off the awesome Vanwurks interior - changing to the blue westy check instead of the mustard and a tune up from Luke at gary angel racing then it will be all systems go during the winter to build a motor and let her cruise happily at 65.

    Living the dream


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  3. Welcome along from sunny Poole just down the road. Luke and Simon down at Wolfsburg Park are both delightful. Had many a spare part from Simon. Your bus looks like the slammed cousin of mine! [​IMG]

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  4. Howdy! :)
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    Looks lovely.
    They’ll pretty much all sit at 65 all day long. Most owners think they’ll spontaneously combust though so sit at an annoying 50.
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  6. Hello from up the road a bit, Sherborne.
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  7. Hello from Milton Abbas!
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  8. Hello from a rather warm Notts :D
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  9. Hi from sunny West Lancashire
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  10. Hello and welcome from not a million miles away (about 5 I think!) in sunny Fordingbridge :)
    Nice van. I hear good things about Gary Angel, but not been there myself.
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  11. Welcome aboard from a very sunny Northants:thumbsup:
  12. Who is this Gary Angel ye all speak of? Should I be buying from him??
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    Hello from a bit chilly Sheffield! The sun seems to have gone in just as I was going to go home and wash my hair! Sun needed to dry it.

    Lovely colour van :)
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  14. Im originally a Poole resident (Upton) but have been over Verwood now since buying 6 years ago. Great colour choice and totally agree, Luke and so are ace and always look after me. Been good as gold over the past ten years! And they have not changed!
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  15. Brothers Simon and Luke Ballard (NOS Vw and Gary angell racing), Stockbridge near Wimborne, Dorset. Knowledgeable, solid reliable people who literally cannot get enough for air cooled!
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  16. Hi from Frome in Somerset.
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