92 years old, oh and sewing machine day

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  1. We picked up a 1950s sewing machine at the weekend and took it up to Mr Woodcock for a service, we have used him before to service the industrial machine.Anyway, like I said , 92 years old still servicing machines and
    has been since he left the navy in 1952. He insisted on showing us some machines he has restored, 1920,s singers. Man those things were so smooth it was wonderful. Then he gave us a display of club swinging which he learnt in the Andrew.
    Old folk can be brilliant
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  2. Is his first name Ivor?
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    Please explain what club swinging is ,if it's not the swinging of clubs and what is Andrew
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  5. This, and the Andrew is the navy
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    I'm assuming those clubs aren't made out of polystyrene,
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  7. i have a late 20's (i think) Singer, my nephews know how to use electric machine and overlocker safely but were fascinated by the Singer.
    Now thinking it's time i got an industrial overlocker as my lovely little Juki is struggling... it's a slippery slope! :easter:
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  8. We use an old Singer straight stitch about 50-60 years old. Bought secondhand from a shop in Whitstable. Really smooth. Can handle canvas.
    Our 30 year old John Lewis machine took years to run in.
    Now it is smooth running too.
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  9. Good to hear..:thumbsup:
    so many have no interests and give up..:(
  10. Just picked up the 50s machine, runs like a dream, was going to drop off a couple of old singers ( not chas and dave) and he told us ours was the last machine he was doing due to being blind in one eye and having injections in the other.Any way he took a look at the Singers and straight away said that one is from 1895 and the other was 1903.Blimey.
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    They must bring back so many childhood memories for you.
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  12. It's "the list" for you mush, oh hang on, doh.
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