FOR SALE 78 bay middle and rear seats

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  1. As it says middle seat and rear seat from a 78 champagne bus. Frames and padding good but original covers past their best. In the way so how does £150 for them sound? Due to size buyer collects. Contact Lee 07824167880 (diss, Norfolk). Thanks for looking!
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  2. Plenty of photos please!
    Thanks :)
  3. Photos...

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    Inked87122-cecc38eb57579857a7f4b21904d26d1d_LI.jpg Inked87123-c82ad106259c75aa8b113ff803ec6bbf_LI.jpg ref these seats, can you let me know how wide they are and how tall fron the bottom of the seat base to the top of the back rest ( ignoring the headrests ..
    many thanks Excuse my crap drawing its even wprse than my mudled request .. but sure you get the gist ..
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  5. Hello just measured the 'middle' seat an it's 1150mm wide, 600mm deep and 640mm tall or 900mm including the metal frame below the base. Hope this helps.
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    cheers will get back to you later today , Its not for a VW hence the request , just need to see if it will fit where I hope it will in a 30 ford coupe .. cheers for now ..

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