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  1. Hi guys

    Just taken on a 72 single cab project fresh from a barn in Italy. Won’t be posting many picture until it’s completely finished but will be picking all of your brains at some point!
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    Welcome. But surely a "before" pic is a must...;)
  3. Yes, us "reluctant readers" all need images to help us along ...
    Welcome to the party :hattip:
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
  5. Welcome to the forum
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    Hello and welcome

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    Welcome along :hattip:
  8. Welcome from sunny Saltaire :)
  9. Sorry been caught up with weekend activities and trying to crack off rear hub nuts that haven’t moved in 20 years! Think I’ve uploaded it...not sure

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  10. Also....I’ve posted in the wanted section. I’m after some 14x6 slot mags. In 5x112. Let me know if anyone has anything. Any condition considered
  11. Single cab update.

    New complete brake lines/servo
    New brakes all round
    Extended studs
    Gearbox out, new seals and selector bushings
    New cables
    Engine out flywheel seal replaced, heads retorqued etc
    Tank out currently waiting in flushing fluid
    New driveshafts
    New shocks x 4
    New wheels acquired and refurbed.
    Bearings all checked and repacked.

    Hoping for end of sept for back on the road since 1986

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  13. The last image is of what I pulled from inside the tank. Guess someone syphoning when wrong. The big lump is plastic pipe

    81CF0198-A294-499B-B6CB-E6F94B135B67.jpeg 07BF39A5-4BC7-4173-B7D1-2DB324256D6E.jpeg FBE5F7C3-CCE5-43D7-AFC6-3C1907196E0E.jpeg
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    When you post pictures just click the full image bit at the side of them before you post :hattip:
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  15. thanks!!
  16. Single Cab update:

    It moves under its own steam it doesn't leak and it stops.

    Still needs height adjustment on the front....but you all get the idea
    Just going through electrical gremlins. then it's off for MOT. Thought I'd share an image of current state of play. Needs a good wash which happens on Monday.

    Thanks to all those that mailed/got parts/gave advice etc.
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  17. Looks spanking that! Single cab/Doka is on my future project list if I see something come up.
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  18. Cheers. Finding all sort of bodgery from the previous owner which has taken time to put right to find the right parts etc. But he owned it from new until it came over this year to the UK.
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  19. Love the look of your pickup.

    Good work.

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