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  1. These parts do work on my switch! With minor fettling, some tape to increase the diameter of my lever, for a snugger fit. It works great, like a new switch, and self cancels too! Can’t thank you enough @Nils. And thanks @Aang too for the Springsandthings.me.uk tip
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  2. I'm rebuilding mine now but I'm confused on a couple of things, we originally took it apart after the indicators stopped working to find out some things had melted in there, we put it back together so that i could keep using the full headlight beam, which still worked. Nils kindly fashioned the part I needed and after a bit of a delay I've got around to taking it all apart and am ready to put it all back together. So you can see i've taken all the contacts off the original black base and put them on the new 3d printed white one.

    I've two questions for anyone who has done this before :

    1/ as you can see from the next photo I have the spring and the cylindrical metal part to put back in, but I see mentions of a ball bearing, have i lost a ball bearing? If so where is it meant to go and what size is it?

    2/ What are the two clips in the photo for ? I left them out when putting it back together previously and have no memory of where they go

    thanks !

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  3. I didn’t have a ball bearing in mine. Maybe people were referring to the wheel that goes on the spring.

    I didn’t have those 2 clips, but I did have this contact bar, balanced on 2 springs.


    Your base plate shows 4 contacts where mine has 3.


    Maybe your clips are contacts and go where my bar is.
  4. thanks Clopper, photos makes everything easier ! I'll try that. Aye mine had been a 7 wire American spec one, ours only need 5 wires as the two extra grey wires it had are for a reversing light. or so my reading has me believe, certainly mine weren't actually attached to anything on the other side.

    edit: See at the top of the black switch where it goes into the white one? Is that where you put the cylindrical bit of metal on top of a very stiff small spring?
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  5. Yeah, the opposite end to the stalk you’re lucky, my metal wheel was missing!

  6. thanks, going to have a go putting it together and see what happens ....
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  7. Hi guys,

    Just checking in to find a bunch of new replies......... Wonder why I didn't get a notification?

    Great to see the printed base getting used too.

    There is a bearing in the assembly, between the stalk and center piece.

    And on another note. If your wipers suffer the same problem as your indicators -

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  8. [​IMG]

    Just for reference.

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  9. @Nils, any chance you can measure the springs. I bought a load of printed parts off you but I'm struggling to find springs.


  10. That's the perfect photo Nils ! Thanks. The base works well. The only thing I had to do was open up all the spaces for the metal contact points. I broke two of the metal contact parts taking them off the original base, in hindsight I'd have broken up the original base and taken them off that way and then worked the wires out. I've a non functioning indicator on its way to me so there should be the parts I need in that to finish this off, hopefully !
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  11. If you have a spare little wheel, I’d be very interested in taking it off your hands
  12. Working on it fellows, haven't been in the office for a few days

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  13. Hopefully I'll pick up the parts tomorrow, they are being posted to my sister's in Northern Ireland (I'm over the border in the south, well West really) so I can get a chance to check what's there.
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  14. That should keep you out of trouble.

    Sorry about the mix of imperial and metric, It is just easier to buy springs in imperial sizes.

    internal springs.png
  15. Hard to believe ( I can't !) but mine now works ! Thanks for all the advice, parts and photos, I really appreciate it :)
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  16. Good skills, it’s a very satisfying fix. Totally changes the driving experience! Did you have any bits left over from the spare unit you got? I’m after the little wheel and the metal case (I broke one of the tabs on mine) if you have them.
  17. If you mean the little metal roller, I had some made. I have a spare.
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  18. That would be cool, cheers! What do they retail for?
  19. PM me your address, I'll send you one.
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  20. I understand from another source (one of the fellows who ask me to build these in the first place) that the roller is the same diameter as the dowel that holds your engine main bearing in place. Needs to have 1mm ground off the length though.

    Should be easy to get one of them if you are in a pinch?

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