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    I have a 6 rib gearbox that's from a USA imported van, the gearbox is unknown condition as the engine that was in the van would not run and as I had a rebuilt 1600 in the garage that's going in the van. This is not tested and sold as seen. one of the pictures shows where there is a hole in the bellhousing.
    Collection from near Berwick upon tweed or can meet part way just ask.
    I'm asking £700 but I'm open to offers.
  2. Am I asking too much for this gearbox?
  3. I would say yes, far too much for a gear box that may not even work. I had my gear box rebuilt to 6 rib internals for not much more than that!

    Others would say No it the going rate
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  4. I agree ! It's a lot of money to take a punt on .
  5. +1 you can find unknown 6 rib boxes without holes in for £600 quite regularly.
  6. Ok thanks for the replies, I've been offered £400, what's people's thoughts is that about the value of it.
  7. Take the money and run !
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  8. I'd say if it makes enough of a dent in the cost of the 3 rib that's replacing it then accept, or try a little squeeze to £450 and see what happens?
    Depends who offered you £400 ;)
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  9. Have you drained the oil ? can give some indication much play on the output shaft
  10. @Faust i haven't drained the oil but can do if that gives an indication of gearbox condition also I'm no mechanic just learning as I go so if I check the output shaft how much play should there be ? Or should there be none? Output shaft being engine end presumably ?
  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Unknown 6 rib boxes have sold for £600 since the dawn of time. It’s up to people looking to decide how much a bell-housing is worth and how easy they are to get hold of.
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  12. There will be a little bit of play ...i don't know the limits , someone on here will know better ...there is a guy on the forum who re builds gearboxes can't remember his name , someone will know .

    If you drain the oil it will show some idea of the state .....if it is really clean that stands at a good start .
    But if it is thick with metallic and little particles of metal stuck to the magnet on the drain bung it could be of some concern
    They don't always have a magnet on the drain bung ...i think .
    Send some pics of the oil and video the play on the shaft so that all the guys can have a look .
  13. The hole on the bell housing can be aluminium welded up and ground over and made good ...check over for cracks in it mind .
  14. @nobody
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  15. I'm in Australia so not likely to buy the gearbox but I would be asking how it got a hole in the bell housing,they are a pretty robust part
  16. Thanks @Faust I'll drain the oil one night this week and check for play on the shaft.
    I did speak to nobody who rebuilds boxes, he would have done a deal on a rebuilt 3 rib but I'm now sorted with a 3 rib box.
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    This is movement in and out on shaft, held a tape next to it to show how much movement
  18. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    And drained the oil.
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  19. Can I ask how you got in touch with @nobody? I tried to send him a message on here, but apparently it doesn’t work anymore (assume he has left the building?)
  20. Gman on blunderbus, or I think @Baysearcher may have contact details for him.
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