6 month MOT "holiday"

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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52036333

    If your MoT expires after 30th March, you now get a 6 month extension. Vehicle has to be maintained in safe & roadworthy condition (just as it would if it'd passed it's test yesterday of course)

    Insurance companies that require the vehicle to have an MoT for policy to be valid will comply. Hopefully this extends to the "agreed value" section of my policy which requires a valid MOT
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  2. I've just emailed my insurers Peter James as below for conformation and will post the reply when received.

    Ref policy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    My insurance cover runs to April 20th 2020 and the vehicle’s MOT runs to April 11th 2020. The government has granted vehicle owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing, and I don’t intend renewing it until the present Covid 19 crisis makes it safe to do so. This means my vehicle will not have a valid MOT for some time after April 11th.

    Can you please confirm that ALL of my policy’s benefits remain as before, including the Agreed Value section at £8250.

    Many thanks
  3. My insurance with Adrian Flux, which has agreed value, says "You should ensure that your vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition and has a valid MOT if one is needed by law". If your wording is like this I'd have thought you're covered.
  4. My understanding is your mot will be valid, as it’s not an exemption but an extension that’s happened.
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  5. A re-assuring reply from Peter James Insurance

    "Providing you are adhering to the advice given by the government, your insurance policy will not be affected.

    As your policy wont be affected, the agreed value will remain in place."

    For those using other insurers, it might be worth drafting a similar email as in post 2. It would be a shame if fellow members discovered their insurers tried to wriggle out of an "Agreed Value" claim.

    It's the "Agreed Value" part of our policies that concern me. Some insurers might claim that cover without an MOT now only extends to the legally required minimum, ie 3rd party cover.
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  6. You are not without an MOT, your mot now is extended by 6 months.

    It’s good to clarify with your insurance company though, as we all know they’ll do anything not to pay out.
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    the insurance companies have to comply with UK law, they can’t “choose” not to , any extended mot will be just as valid as any other
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  8. Most of us have "agreed value" policies, which has several components. Only one of them is required by law, ie 3rd party cover.

    The difficulty here is that insurance companies may choose to regard the government's MOT extension as only applying to the 3rd party part of our policies.

    I'm glad my insurers have clarified the situation, and suggest similar clarity is sought by those covered elsewhere.

    Don't let them wriggle out of a claim for "agreed value".
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    The insurance companies can’t disregard uk law

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