FOR SALE 40.000 mile bay with full history!

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  1. None taken, I know this is a for sales thred, but everyone has there own view. :)

    There is a lot of cash out there and for someone who wants a honest van here it is. I have seen people buy vans at 9k and they have been ripped off. In fact it makes you think how it ever passed its last MOT!! It has now cost her another 3.5 k just so she can use it. :-(

    Well if it dosent sell for a good price I will put it away for a few years and put it for sale for more! lol
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  2. Thats the way it goes big nose!
  3. PSG


    well i think a mod should do their job and delete all the chitter chatter dont you MODS?????
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    actually agree. @dog @hailfrank
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  5. Baysearcher

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    Similar has happened loads of times previous and nothing has been done about it?
    I'd understand if the OP got the hump but don't understand why you're both offended on someone else's behalf.
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    Because it's hardly "IMHO" constructive and doesn't really achieve anything. There are other buses for sale for similar money yet some choose to have a pop an random people. Makes me chuckle. That said it does and will make quite interesting reading for anyone interested in this bus with some saying it's over priced while other think its about right.

    However if you really want an expensive bus try Karmann Konnection and their £100k split.
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  7. Baysearcher

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    The one that's been for sale for over a year?
  8. Birdy

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    Thats irrelevant. It's a special bus like this one. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If some like myself think that £20k bus is for sale then it will sell to the right person. Vanquish is in no rush to sell. Prices are only going up. If he puts it away for another 10 years he'll maximise his profits 10 fold.

    Old VW's seem to be recession proof. I've been out priced from the humble Beetle unless I pay good money for a decent Bug.
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    I messaged the op about the photo, he thinks it's funny and don't mind at all
  10. Baysearcher

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    It's completely relevant. It's over priced so it hasn't sold. Simple economics.

    (The £100k one)
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  11. ^^^WHS^^^
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  13. Devon probably used a panel to keep costs down!

    The only panel vans devon purchased and converted were the 79 Sundowners ,although you could take any van to devon that you yourself had purchased and they would convert.
    Think thas why yours in a 77 with the 78-79 Moonraker interior,the 77 devon was the the Eurovette and Devonette.
    Lovely van and good luck with the sale :thumbsup:
  14. PSG


    im not offended, but the opinions on here follow a general concensus that doesnt need to be sprawled all over somebodys for sale ad. I wouldnt pay that for the bus, but someone might but not if they read all of this.
  15. I think the asking price is way too much for something that needs road tax,tbh.
    Admittedly,there are cheaper vans out there that need a lot of work,but if the work can be done yourself,a LOT of cash can be saved.
    For example,i must have spent around 2 k on mine,but if i took it to a garage,you could probably stick another 3k on top for in theory,my original Devon must be getting on for around 16k...and with no road tax to pay...
  16. I suspect this guy got quite a bit of rap over this as it was only a few weeks ago when they said look what I found in a hedge.... Next minute it's for sale for 20 grand.

    I suspect that if he had it for past 10 years there may have been a few more worth the money, good luck etc.
  17. dog

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    If you don't want to buy it or have nothing constructive to say about it then don't post. The seller has admitted in his/her first post that it seems like a lot of money but that's their choice!
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  18. dog

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    On it. I'll tidy this up soon as I get on my puter
  19. i know this is irrelevant to this bay, but i just feel i have to say just in case anyone has actually been looking at this split,
    that it has pretty bodged wiring, not done by a professional auto electrician. i know this because saw the work done on it.
    and doesnt drive to well, unless something drastic has changed in that aspect very recently...

    as regards to this one, things are worth what the buyer wants to pay, and what the seller wants to sell for. thats really as far as the story goes.
    and that is an impressive history, i would pay quite a bit more for a bus with a history like that than i would for the same one without it...
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