3 way fridge cabinet fire board lining.

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  1. I have just removed my 3 way fridge for servicing and noted the cabinet is lined with a fireboard , the top section was glued to the underside of the work top and had fallen on to the top of the fridge the whole thing looks like a DIY job by the previous owner , my concern is this may contain asbestos , its very dense and heavy for the size of it and its rough cut with lots of exposed edges, rather than risk it I would prefer to just remove it all and replaced with a suitable material .
    Can anyone suggest a more light weight product ?

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    I can’t see why you need a fire lining at all.
  3. I'm presuming it is because of the heat generated by the fridge and the oven being in the cabinet to the RHS , I would happily strip it out if not required as it is heavy , as mentioned it looks like a previous DIY job ...
    BTW . Fridge is a Electrolux RM200 3 Way ..
  4. Something like a sheet of metal backed with a layer of rock wool ?
  5. They do get warm but so long as you've got adequate ventilation and nothing is in direct contact with the top or rear of the fridge, like @Baysearcher says, do.you really need it.
    Cement board, vermiculite, calcium silicate board is the FR rated stuff if you really want something in there...
  6. Thanks everyone , always best to ask !

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