FOR SALE 1979 Westfalia Berlin with new (ish) 2.1l LVH Paul Weeding Engine £16,000

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  1. For Sale “Whippo” 1979 VW Westfalia Berlin Bay Window Campervan

    Paul Weeding Engine (2.000 miles) Dyno Tuned

    Left Hand Drive California Import with Walk through
    Contact: 07769697741

    Tax Exempt This Year! Loads of documentation and receipts.

    Carries Surfboards!!




    Thousands spent, house purchase forcing sale (See Photos in description).

    Sadly, I have for sale my beloved VW Camper van “Whippo”. Whippo was restored professionally as a “Forever Van” that was meant to be a member of the family. We therefore lavished our resources on him, making him super functional and perfect for camping. I have used the van for all my holidays over the last 9 years, and surfing almost every other weekend.

    He has a brand new 6-thousand-pound engine built by Paul Weeding (see specs in photos), which was Mustang Dyno Tuned and has done about 1.5k. He cruises at 65mph and will do that very cheerfully all day long. Anyone in the VW scene will know that Paul is one of the best engine builders around (look him up on the forums, face book etc.) The engine is a thing of beauty.

    The interior has all the features of modern vans from heating, to Bluetooth. However, it is very original in terms of the furniture. I have sought to improve on, rather than replace. For example, there are Vinyl seats and trim, LED lighting, and marine ply panels stained sympathetically to match the original Westfalia furniture. I have added a Solar Panel in the vacant window space. Roof bars for surfboards and top boxes. There’s really too much to mention, and having a look at the van would be the best way to appreciate how amazing it is.

    The van is 6 years out of restoration, therefore there are areas of rust. These are minor and could be remedied easily, without a great deal of expense. I have taken the cost of the body work into consideration when the pricing the van (see photos).

    I have decided to not do the work before selling to keep the van as honest as possible so that the buyer doesn’t get any surprises.

    I am selling only because I need the money for a mortgage deposit. I’m truly gutted at the prospect of not having the van which has become so much part of my life and identity over the past ten years or so.

    Viewings are very welcome, however I do work, so evenings or weekends are best.

    The van isn’t in pristine showroom condition as I use it regularly, however it does clean up beautifully (see the photos). It drives really well too, is light on the steering and is surprisingly good on petrol. I get about 35 to the gallon.

    • I believe Whippo will be Tax Exempt from April 1st this year.
    • Full service history from new, Import documents, tons of history and paperwork
    • Full Restoration 4 years ago. All professionally welded metal repairs
    • New Windscreen
    • New (1500 Miles) Mustang Tuned 2056 Engine built by Paul Weeding (LVH Engines)
    • Fully restored interior with insulation and Dynamat sound proofing in all the important places
    • Wax Oil anti corrosion treated interior
    • Thule Roof Bars
    • Louvered Side windows with Fly Screens.
    • Restored original elevating roof, new canvas and lining, “Pucer” fitted and insulated screen
    • Table and mounting leg (Not original)
    • Professionally fitted black out insulating curtains.
    • Split charge, External Hook up
    • Exterior mounted Propex 2211 Heater to conserve space utilising the existing ducting to get heat around the van (very quiet operation) with thermostat.
    • Plenty of Plug sockets
    • Professionally Fitted Digital radio, Tuner and CD with Amplifier, base unit, Mid and High Speakers
    • Leisure Battery
    • Solar Panel, controller
    • Energy Efficient LED custom lighting throughout.
    • Almost perfect silicone sealed Vinyl flooring, with additional protective piece fitted to Marine ply deck. New rubber matting in cab.
    • Original furniture, working fridge and stove with original dials and controls
    • Fitted Fire Extinguisher
    • Door handle cups and original arm rests.
    • Spare wheel in original compartment, restored from front mounted position.
    • Original Westfalia Berlin furniture (this was the deluxe model), full specification (missing the porta loo box and front table)
    • Upgraded Headlights, Disk Brakes Front, Drum Brakes on Rear
    • Economical Exterior Mounted Gas tank (can be filled from LPG Pumps at petrol stations)
    • Cycle Rack
    • Custom made Caddy Tailgate
    • Deluxe Bumper strip front and rear
    • Replica California number plate


    Van Detail

    Van Green

    Van After Resto

    Resto 1


    Tail Gate
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  2. You get 35 mpg running on petrol ?
  3. I reckon it’s not far off that on a long run at a constant speed without a ton of camping gear. It’s been tuned properly on a rolling road (mustang dyno).

    It’s a bit of an approximation/best guess, but it’s very economical for a van. It’s not going to win anything at Santa pod tho.
  4. I had one of those lovely engines too never managed to get to 2,000 miles though.

    Never managed 35mpg either unless it was on the back of a tow truck. 25 seems more likely.

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  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    VW would have chewed your hand off for 35mpg!
  6. well priced for such a nice van liken the colour
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  7. Colour is slightly wrong, it should be mango, it has got several areas of rust that need fixing (nothing serious), I was going to fix the paint at the same time. Was never the plan to have to sell it.
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  8. yep, I should have said cruising on the flat. It’s tuned to be eco at 65mph.
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  9. A full tank gets me 160 miles (to the beach and back twice)
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  10. So that’s about 25mpg but 50% non motorway. So high twenties at least
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  11. Did you send it back?
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  12. Sort of.... 4 times. In the end I did get a refund and installed a scooby engine with the help of @pkrboo
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  13. Quite a big job that, was considering it but wanted to keep it as original as was practical
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  14. That’s what I wanted originally and the scooby engine was (sort of) easier than expected if your happy to buy everything rather than try and fab stuff.
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  15. I’d say next time... but this is probably my first and last T2 ☹️
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    Can we keep comments on topic please guys.

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